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Six Senses Punakha

Sixth Sense Punakha

Over the past year a new hotel brand has made an appearance in Bhutan with the introduction of five new hotels strategically placed into some of the most amazing locations in the popular destinations. Six Senses has been voted as being the World’s No. 1 Hotel brand and visiting the currently opened properties in Bhutan, […]

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Chele La to Kila Gompa Hike

This was a day hike that I decided to check out back in 2016.   Originally, this was posted on my WordPress site, but I’ve rewritten the article a bit, changed out a few photos and moved it to our website. The trek itself, when done correctly, is about 5 kilometers.  Maybe for some people this […]

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Small Country…Extreme Elevations

Bhutan measures only 165km from North to South but the elevation in the north starts at a staggering 7570 meters above sea level with Gangkhar Phuensum, the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.  The region just below the northern border is home to yaks and glacial lakes making for some of the nicest trekking in […]

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Tango Monastery

Tango and Cheri Monasteries

A 45-minute drive north of Thimphu brings you to the edge of the Jigme Dorji National Park and a pair of Monasteries known as Tango and Cheri. I hiked the Cheri Monastery a couple of years ago but didn’t really collect a sufficient number of photos to make it worthwhile to write about the experience […]

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Bhutan via Kathmandu

Visiting Bhutan via Kathmandu can be a good option if you want to see the UNESCO sites in Nepal, you want to see Mount Everest on your way to Bhutan, or if you are able to find cheap flights. The full details of how to transit Kathmandu are found here. Although we wrote the article […]

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Transiting Kathmandu Airport

Visiting Bhutan usually requires an overnight halt in one of the transit cities and Kathmandu is a very convenient location if you are able to find a cheap flight from your originating city to Kathmandu or you want to visit Kathmandu as part of your trip.  The airfare between Kathmandu and Paro is cheap (at […]

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Tiger’s Nest (Taksang) Hike

For this week’s article, I decided that I would move an article from the old WordPress site into my new server.  The article was written in 2014 so therefore I haven’t been to the Tiger’s Nest monastery in 5 years so perhaps I should make plans to revisit soon.   For now, here is the original […]

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Hotel Classes in Bhutan

A PDF Version of the Infographic about Hotel Locations Like any other travel destination, there are a lot of different hotels to choose from when visiting Bhutan.  Most travelers to Bhutan however do not actively participate in the selection of the hotels that they will use; not because they are not permitted but generally it […]

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Temporary Closure of Monastery

In the Kuensel (the local newspaper this week) an article appeared indicating that the Changangkha Lahkhang would be closed for a period of 3 months.  The article mentions that they will be constructing a ticketing booth. Please Be Respectful in Bhutan This particular monastery doesn’t usually see a lot of tourists and it is not […]

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