2023 More Rule Changes!

Yes, it is not been that long but there was a change again from the government regarding the the sustainable development fee (SDF) for people visiting Bhutan.

With an unexpected press release yesterday, Bhutan has not modified their SDF rate to be $100/day per person. The previous 4+4, 7+7, and 12+18 incentives are all revoked starting September 1, 2023 until September 1, 2027.

The good news is that this simplifies the computations about the rate to be much easier and if you want to come for only 4 nights then it is going to cost you only $400 for the SDF. Under the previous arrangement you would have ended up paying $800 for the SDF.

With this latest change we will start to see tour costs close to the pre-pandemic levels! I will finally start updating prices of our tours on the website.

If you are interested in traveling to Bhutan, please contact us by email (the forms on this website are getting clogged with spam so please send the email instead until I get the anti-robot protection working).


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