Want to visit Bhutan but don't know where to start?

Although we have arranged tours lasting just 2 nights, we feel this is very rushed. We recommend the Glimpse Of Bhutan tour which is 5 nights and a price of only $1000 during the low season (even during the high season the price will be just $1250) and remember the price includes hotel, meals, private guided tours, etc. The only additional costs are the flights, the $40 visa fee, and any other personal expenditures.

Experience Bhutan

Bhutan provides the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural or trekking experience which is not available in any other country in the world. After visiting Bhutan you will appreciate why it is frequently called "The Last Shangri-La". Guests who have taken holidays in other countries in South East Asia know that the cultural experience and landscapes are amazing. Many visitors however realize that many countries are very crowded and often they are bothered by entrepreneurs selling tours and souvenirs to the point that it interferes with the enjoyment of the vacation. In Bhutan the population density is one of the lowest in Asia and this type of pushy sales tactics is almost non-existent. What remains is the ability to relax and enjoy the natural scenery and traditional culture of the people.

Bhutan is located in the Himalayan Mountains with the Indian state of Sikkim to the West, Tibet to the North, the Indian states of West Bangal and Assam to the South, and the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh to the East. Bhutan is also only a 45 minute flight away from Kathmandu providing a way of viewing Mount Everest without having to pay for a mountain flight. People who are interested in trekking in the Himalayas can easily combine their trip with trekking in Nepal, Sikkim, or Tibet. A visit to Bhutan after these other destination can provide a way of relaxing of finishing their trip before returning home.

Sustainable Tourism

In order to provide a sustainable tourism industry in Bhutan, the Government of Bhutan has imposed a policy of low volume and high quality tourists. This ensures that the Bhutanese traditions and culture can be preserved without exploitation.
There is no restriction on the number of tourists that are allowed to enter Bhutan, however independent travel within Bhutan is not allowed. Tourists can travel to Bhutan only through all-inclusive package tours (includes hotel, meals, guides, and trekking support) and the Government of Bhutan sets the rate.

Bhutan Peak Adventure, a licensed Bhutanese Tour Operator and a member of ABTO (Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators) and TCB (Tourism Council of Bhutan), provides trekking and cultural tours to Bhutan. We are able to arrange all aspects of your tour including the Druk Air flight and all land arrangements. Feel free to contact us by e-mail to arrange for a trip to Bhutan.