Tourism Packages with New Rate

The government has just passed a new bill to attract people to make longer visits to Bhutan by offering a scheme where you pay the SDF fee of $200/night for some of the nights but then you get a number of nights for free. This effectively can lower the SDF to $100/night which is much more in line with the older rate making Bhutan once again affordable. The schemes are 4+4, 7+7, and 12+18.

Although it is now possible to book the entire trip yourself without the need of a local tour operator, Bhutan Peak Adventure is here to offer our suport in arranging the hotels, drivers and guides.

What We Do

We are a tour operator organizing private tours to Bhutan. We have arranged all sort of tours for customers looking for simple sight-seeing cultural tours, birdwatching tours, luxury tours and even month long trekking tours.

We know that travel to Bhutan is sometimes considered a bit of a mystery since you can't just enter Bhutan into an Expedia search to book flights and hotels. People might be anxious about the anticipated high cost of visiting Bhutan or may worry about how to acquire the visa.

We help traveler pick the best hotels and activities and then arrange everything so that your trip to Bhutan is the best possible trip for you.

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