Bhutan Cultural Packages

Experience the unique culture of Bhutan with any of our all-inclusive tour packages. Each of these itineraries can be customized to your tastes and can include activities such as rafting and biking. No matter which package you choose you will be rewarded with amazing mountain views.

All packages prices will include almost everything but the flights. The most notable item that is not included are the drinks however all the hotels, meals, guides, and private tour cars are provided as part of our service.

Sacred Paro Tsechu
6 Days

In this tour, you will get to experience one of Bhutan's great festivals in the town of Paro with the unfurling of the world's oldest Buru thongdrel.

Heaven on Earth Tour
6 Days

A short visit to Bhutan in which you can experience the major highlights of the country for looking to keep their costs low.

Thimphu Tshechu
7 Days

One of the most popular festivals in Bhutan. The dances teach about how people's behavior on Earth influence the afterlife.

Sacred Pilgrimage
11 Days

In this package, the primary focus will be to visit a number of monasteries of Bhutan.

Naturally Nature
12 Days

This itinerary is good for those who are interested in trekking and seeing nature but would rather stay in hotels instead of camping. The package consists mostly of short day hikes that will get you back to the hotel by evening.

Eastern Bhutan
15 Days

For those looking for something a little more adventurous, explore the remote Eastern part of Bhutan. Just reaching there will be an amazing journey on its own.