Sacred Pilgrimage

Bhutan is full of monasteries and this itinerary tries to cover as many as possible in just 11 days.


Day 1Kyichu Lhakhang,Dumtse Lkahkang,Chelala Nunnery
Day 2Taktsang,Memorial Chorten, Chang Gangkha Lhakhang,Zilukha Nunnery
Day 3Tango Monastery
Day 4Khamsum Yuelley, Chimi Lhakhang
Day 5Drive to Bumthang
Day 6Jambay Lhakhang,Kurje Lhakhang,Tamshing Lhakhang, Mebar Tsho, Nunnery of Gangtey Trulku
Day 7Tharpaling Goenpa,Nimalung,Praka Monastery
Day 8 Gangtey Goenpa
Day 9Beylangdra
Day 10Simtokha Dzong
Day 11Departure

All packages can be customized. We can easily add extra days to the end of any package that you find on this website. Removing days is usually very easy to do as long as the driving or the treking is still possible. Some of the treks have two days in a row of descent and sometimes, if you are fit enough, we are able to skip a camp or two.


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