Snowman Trek

Snowman 2019

We are planning a snowman trek for 2019 and we need people. If you think you have the stamina to take on the challenge of the worlds most difficult trek then sign up on our page.

Virtual Tour

See what it looks like to travel the remote Lunana Region of Bhutan. The real trek takes 24 days but this virtual fly by only
takes 7 minutes.

Why Go?

If you are looking for a challenging high altitude trek in the Himalaya Mountains that very few other people have tried or succeeded in, then you have found the right place! The trek is more than 300km long and consists of 9 passes in excess of 4500m. Most of the year the passes are closed due to snow.

Time to Go

While it is sometimes possible to do this trek between May and November, it is highly recommended that you attempt to start after May and no later than September. In the early part of the season it is possible that the snow will not have melted allowing you to cross the high altitude passes.

Overview of Trekking in Bhutan

While you will need a typical set of equipment for trekking there are a few things that you do not need in Bhutan. To find your way, you will not need maps or GPS as a guide will be with you at all times. A cook will be provided to prepare 3 meals per day for you so you don’t need to worry about carrying cooking equipment or food. A team of horses and yaks will be provided to carry tents so you don’t need a tent for any part of the trek (you will need your own sleeping bag however).

The prices of this trek show a range of numbers. The cost of the trekking subcontractor often changes. We feel that we can negotiate a price near the lower end of the range but only when we have interested clients.


Day 1Arrival
Day 2Taktsang Hike
Day 3Paro - Shana
Day 4Shana - Soi Thangthankha
Day 5Soi Thangthankha - Jangothang
Day 6Jangothang Rest Day
Day 7Jangothang - Lingshi
Day 8Linkshi - Chebisa
Day 9Chebisa - Shakyapasang
Day 10Shakyapasang - Robluthang
Day 11Robluthang - Limithang
Day 12Limithang - Laya
Day 13Laya Rest Day
Day 14Laya - Rodophu
Day 15Rodophu - Narithang
Day 16Narithang - Tarina
Day 17Tarina - Woche
Day 18Woche - Lhedi
Day 19Lhedi - Thanza
Day 20Thanza Rest Day
Day 21Thanza - Tshroim
Day 22Throsim - Gangkar Phunsem Basecamp
Day 23 Gangkar Phunsem Basecamp - Geshe Woma
Day 24 Geshe Woma - Warathang
Day 25 Warathang - Dur Taschu
Day 26 Dur Tsachu - Tshochenchen
Day 27 Tshochenchen - Lungsum
Day 28 Lungsum - Bumthang
Day 29 Bumthang - Thimphu
Day 30 Thimphu - Paro
Day 31 Departure

All packages can be customized. We can easily add extra days to the end of any package that you find on this website. Removing days is usually very easy to do as long as the driving or the treking is still possible. Some of the teks have two days in a row of descent and sometimes, if you are fit enough, we are able to skip a camp or two.


Group Size123456+
High Season$13,729$8,458$7,070$6,753$6,654$5,962
Low Season$13,729$8,458$7,070$6,753$6,654$5,962
Prices are in USD per person.


High season includes travel during the months of March, April, May, September, October and November.


All packages always include: All Hotels in Bhutan, All Meals in Bhutan, Ground Transportation, English speaking guide, Mineral Water during the drives, Visa Fees, Government Royalty, All camping equipment except sleeping bag for treks, Porters to carry the camping equipment, Cooks during treks.


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A PDF version of Snowman Trek can be downloaded and printed.

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