Tour of the Dragon

Tour of the Dragon is not a road bike race or a classic mountain bike race, nor is it a gravel grinder, because it doesn’t fit into any of the categories defined by the UCI (Union Cyclist International). Since the distance of the race is 200+ km, it is categorized as an ultra-marathon mountain bike race on roads that happen to be extremely challenging. Tour of the Dragon starts in Bumthang and travels 268 km over 4 mountains passes before finishing in Thimphu town square. It’s one of the toughest one-day mountain bike races in the world.


Day 1Arrival in Bhutan
Day 2Drive to Bumthang
Day 3Bumthang Sightseeing
Day 4Race Registration and Rest
Day 5Tour of the Dragon Race to Thimphu
Day 6Tiger's Nest Hike
Day 7Departure.

All packages can be customized. We can easily add extra days to the end of any package that you find on this website. Removing days is usually very easy to do as long as the driving or the treking is still possible. Some of the treks have two days in a row of descent and sometimes, if you are fit enough, we are able to skip a camp or two.