Snowman Trek (Gasa/Laya to Bumthang)

In this version of the Snowman Trek, the first half has been removed reducing the time to just 16 days of actual high mountain trekking with some rest/acclimatization days mixed in.

This portion of the trek is highly remote and mostly done with yaks to carry the equipment.  Mobile phones no longer work in this area and instead the guides will carry satellite phones.


Day 1Arrive - Drive to Punakha
Day 2Drive to Gasa
Day 3Gasa to Koina
Day 4Koina to Laya
Day 5Laya to Rodophu
Day 6Robophu to Nerethang
Day 7Narethang to Tarina
Day 8Tarina to Woche Camp
Day 9Woche Camp to Lhedi
Day 10Lhedi to Thanza
Day 11 Thanza to Tsorim Camp
Day 12 Tsorim Camp to Gamgkar Phunsem Basecamp
Day 13 Gangkar Phunsem Basecamp to Geshe Woma
Day 14 Geshe Woma to Warathang
Day 15 Warathang to Dur Tsachu
Day 16 Dur Tsachu to Tshochenchen
Day 17 Tshochenchen to Bumthang
Day 18 Bhumthang to Paro
Day 19 Departure

All packages can be customized. We can easily add extra days to the end of any package that you find on this website. Removing days is usually very easy to do as long as the driving or the treking is still possible. Some of the treks have two days in a row of descent and sometimes, if you are fit enough, we are able to skip a camp or two.