Bhutan International Marathon

For runners interested in a high altitude marathon, the annual Bhutan International Marathon is something to think about. The race starts at an altitude of around 1,700 meters at the Gasa Dzong and follows a mostly downhill course on gravel and paved roads through the rural countryside for 42km. The course even includes crossing a 90 meter suspension bridge over the Po Chuu River near the end of the run.

If a full 43km marathon is too much for you, you can instead pick the half-marathon event that happens at the same time as the full event.

The race usually happens on the first Saturday of March but do check with us for years other than the ones listed below.

The race does have a registration fee but we will include the registration fee as part of your package.



All packages can be customized. We can easily add extra days to the end of any package that you find on this website. Removing days is usually very easy to do as long as the driving or the treking is still possible. Some of the teks have two days in a row of descent and sometimes, if you are fit enough, we are able to skip a camp or two.